Intuitive codes make it
easy to get around

Data is being read using a windows service and stored into a database. Current supported database is on Microsoft SQL Express or full, whereas in the future more database types and cloud storage shall be made available.

Check out the hardware

C# service

For monitoring the Moonitor16s BMS you only need to install the C# Moonilogger on a VM or physical machine and let it run.


Grafana visualizations

Ease of use graphing using Grafana. Connect Grafana with you SQL server instance and you can create fantastic looking dashoards.


Microsoft SQL engine

All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Express / Standard or Enterprise edition database engine.

Why Moonitor16s and Moonilogger?

  • 6 to 16 cell monitor and configurable 1 amp max balance
  • High accuracy voltage sensing
  • Designed for robust hot-plug performance
  • Store realtime data for later processing and analysis

  • Well-explained easy to use API

    For 3rd party devices for reading/pushing data with a JSON post! (First on the market)

    Linux & Android & Apple-friendly

    Can be configured and monitored from any operating system such as Windows that can run the browser, Android, Linux, iPhone any kind of tablet computer or old smartphone, (anything which can run a browser on it).

    6 to16 channel Battery monitoring

    You can choose to use 6,7,8,9…16 cells to monitor and balance at the same time, Common port charging and discharging supported.

    7/24 365 days online

    monitoring, always on with ultra-low power consumption (Under 1 watt guaranteed while even multiple clients connected)